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I want a Japanese visa!

The visa information here inclusively reflects, the current partial amendment to the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act that took effect in July 2012, and that also introduced the Resident Card system (you can have a look in and ).
Often, concerns about visas or Resident Cards for foreign nationals involve conditions for application for, renewal of, or extension of, a visa. It can be difficult to know which category you should look into. For your status, there are Spouse, Long-Term Resident, and Permanent Resident visas. If you are looking for a work related visa, there are Humanities and International Services, Investor/Manager, Engineer/Technical Expert, and Skill visas. It can be difficult to decide which visa applies to you.
In this website, we provide suggestions for foreign nationals who want to obtain a Resident Card or a visa. I, the Immigration Specialised Solicitor, Masami Sato, the proprietor of our office, provide suggestions for foreign nationals who want to obtain a Resident Card, and provide support for obtaining a visa.
The suggestions cover a variety of circumstances including applications for whether it is a Resident Card, a visa, a visa amendment, a resident visa, a Spouse visa, an International marriage, a Permanent Resident visa, a work visa, the Points-Based System for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals, an Investor/Manager visa, Naturalization (becoming Japanese national) approval. We cannot cover every situation, and naturally, not everybody qualifies for obtaining a visa, but please feel free to enquire about your particular situation. We, the Immigration Solicitor's Office of Masami Sato, will do our best to help you.
A foreign national who wants to live in Japan for more than 3 months needs a Status of Residence (visa) to obtain a Resident Card. Usually, a Japanese national makes an application for a resident visa to the Immigration Bureau of Japan and invites the person from overseas.

Here, I explain about the Resident Card and the actual processes to obtain visas.

If you obtain an approval from the Immigration Bureau of Japan for your visa application, you, as a foreign national, may live in Japan to engage in activities such as study and work, depending on the type of your visa. A Resident Card is the certificate of your visa.
In Japan, there are 27 types of visa. You need to understand which visa meets your particular needs and make an application for it.
Here are some frequently asked questions from regarding visas:

I am planning to marry a Japanese national. How can we both live in Japan together? I want to marry a Japanese national

Can I extend my visa? I want to continue staying in Japan

What type of qualifications do I need to start a company in Japan? I want to start my own business in Japan

What can I do as an overseas student who wants to be employed by a business in Japan? I want to change my visa

How can I live Japan if I get a divorce? I want permanet residency in Japan

How can I stay in Japan permanently? I want permanet residency in Japan

Can I, a worker without any special skills, stay in Japan? I want permanet residency in Japan

What conditions do I have to meet to become a Japanese national? I want to become a Japanese national

Is there any rescue method if I overstay my visa? I want a Special Premit to Stay

How can I invite my family from my home country? I want to invite my family from my home country

What is necessary for me to change my job in Japan? I want to change my visa

Can I, a good cook, work in Japan? I want to work in Japan as a cook

Is my visa valid after my spouse dies?

How can I work as a casual worker? I want to engage in activities other than those specified on my visa

Can I re-apply after my visa application has been disapproved? I want to continue staying in Japan

How Can I live in Japan with my Japanese child?

I want to apply for a visa through the Preferential System for Highly Skilled Foriegn Professionals Utilizing Points-Based Assessment.

Which visa do I need for business negotiations in Japan? Contact us

We can answer above questions and others and provide assistance relating to your visa applications.

Please note:
The actual approval is judged by the Japanese Ministry of Justice. To obtain a visa is not like getting an ordinary license. There is no guarantee to the issuance of a visa after you make your visa application. Please be aware and understand this fact.
This site is prepared as a guide for individuals. If you are representing a company in the area of human resources, and want to know about how to obtain a visa to employ a foreign national or let him/her work, I have prepared a different site for you that explains about visas. See: "A Guide for Companies to Employ and obtain Status of Residence for foreign nationals" ( ) in Japanese. Also a Japanese PDF version about my office can be downloaded from .

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