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I want to work in Japan as a cook

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The visa for a cook would be a Skilled Labour visa. However, not everybody can come to Japan as a cook. You must be proven as a skilled cook in a foreign cuisine: usually 10 years’ experience in your home country is required. The proof for this 10 years’ experience is a very important hurdle. You need to have a certificate of employment and a certificate of leave as well as photographs that show your working in the restaurant, and the restaurant menu. Without these, the visa is difficult to obtain.

If you are a Chinese national, you have a chance to work in Japan as a cook in Chinese cuisine, but not in Italian cuisine. You must be experienced in a traditional cuisine of your home country to acquire this visa.

It is a prerequisite that your salary as a cook will be at least around 250,000 yen per month. For the visa to be issued, it is necessary that the foreigner will be treated as well as a Japanese counterpart, or better.

After working in Japan long enough, you may apply for a Permanent Resident visa and if you save up enough money or have sufficient resources, you may be able to run your own restaurant under Investment/Business Management visa.

How to Apply

As a first stage, the owner of a foreign cuisine restaurant in Japan interviews several foreign candidates, and then he/she decides whether to employ you.

To obtain a Skilled Labour visa, a document that explains the reason for employing a foreigner will be required from the owner as well as an Application for Certificate of Eligibility of Status of Residence for the Skilled Labour visa from the Immigration Bureau of Japan.

The owner of the restaurant in Japan has to prepare the following documents: the original of the contract of employment and its copy; a copy of a statement of accounts; an official copy of the company register; a copy of the business permit; a list of foreign employees; the menu of the restaurant; a sketch of the restaurant interior; a photograph of the restaurant. Further additional documents may be necessary. If it is a new restaurant, documents proving the renovation costs are also required.

The following documents will be required from your home country: your photograph, resume and employment certificate or a leave of work certificate. If you are currently employed, you will need a copy of the business permit of the restaurant where you are currently employed and a photograph of the restaurant where you are currently employed. You will also need a certificate of trade; and a copy of your personal identification.

The collection of all the necessary documents would be a big task for both you and your employer.

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