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I want to leave Japan temporarily under the Resident Card System

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You may need to go back to your home country for a reason such as to see your family. What do you need to do then?

If you hold a Resident Card, now you can smoothly re-enter Japan if your departure is for within 1 year. Please note that if you depart Japan after returning the Resident Card to the authority, your visa (Status of Residence) is assumed void.

As of 9th July 2012, a Certificate of Alien Registration with a valid period remaining is deemed as a “minashi” Resident Card.

If your departure is going to be for more than 1 year, then you need to apply for a Re-entry Permit before you depart Japan. A “gyoseishoshi” who is registered as a proxy for visa applicants can make this application on your behalf.

However, a Re-entry Permit is not always issued. It would be rejected if you had come on a Student visa but have been expelled, or you have obtained a Spouse or Child of Japanese National visa by marrying a Japanese national, but have since divorced. In these cases, you are assessed as no longer justified to stay in Japan, and the Immigration Bureau of Japan would not permit your re-entry into Japan.

For matters regarding Resident Card and Re-entry Permit, contact us.

Since the introduction of the Resident Card, re-entry to Japan has become much easier.