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I want to avoid a Forcible Deportation Order: Departure Order System

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A Forcible Deportation Order after your Illegal Stay bans you from re-entering Japan for 5 years (10 years if you are a re-offender). Because of this severe penalty, you want to avoid it. If you become an illegal migrant without thinking carefully, the chances of a future success in Japan can vanish.

It’s not only that you cannot re-enter Japan for 5-10 years; there is no guarantee that you can re-enter after the banned period. Your record of Illegal Entry and your Illegal Stay will be kept on the computer of the Immigration Bureau of Japan and it can become more difficult to get a visa straight away. By the amendment to the Immigration Control Act, all the personal information data of individuals that have been issued A Certificate of Alien Registration from municipalities is also transferred to the Immigration Bureau of Japan. It would be wise to give yourself up to the Immigration Bureau straight away.

If you have overstayed your visa and if it seems difficult to get the Special Permit to Stay, why not use the Departure Order System?

To use the Departure Order System, you need to identify yourself to the Immigration Bureau of Japan as in the case of Special Permit to Stay.

If you present yourself as an overstayed person voluntarily, you will not be detained. You may re-enter after 1 year. However, please understand that if you have a previous record of Forcible Deportation, or have been involved in a crime, or are likely to overstay again, you would be denied re-entry.

If you are a foreign national that has overstayed your visa, or are in another category of illegal migrant, and if you want us to prepare the documents and accompany you to the Immigration Bureau of Japan, contact us so that we can discuss your circumstances directly under strict confidence.