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I want to live in Japan with my Japanese child

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If a female foreign national married a male Japanese national and gave birth to a child between them, the child may obtain Japanese nationality. If you are the mother, and wish to live in Japan, you may obtain a visa (Status of Residence) to live in Japan. If the parents are not married, but the father officially recognized the child as his own, the child may obtain Japanese nationality, due to amendments to the Japanese Nationality Law Article 3. The recognition may take place either before or after the birth.

If the father went overseas and fell in love with a woman who has foreign nationality and she gave birth to a child between them, the mother and the child can come and live in Japan for the welfare of the child. However, it becomes difficult if the father, a Japanese male, has ongoing marriage registration with another person.

You need to submit following material and documentations to the Immigration Bureau to obtain the approval.

  1. Documentation that proves the parent and child relationship
  2. Material that proves your parental authority.
  3. Documentation regarding the welfare of your Japanese child.
  4. Material that shows the occupation and income of the financial provider of the household.
  5. A letter of guarantee from your guarantor who lives in Japan.
  6. Documentation about the reason for the parents and the child to live in Japan.

If the parents’ relationship is not a marriage, then you, the mother, may apply for a Long-term visa. You can live in Japan on humanitarian grounds. You can work as well, including in unskilled labour type jobs.

If you need a consultation regarding application for Long-term visa as a mother of a Japanese child or if you need any help, please contact us.